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Just another 50+ male submissive.
Somewhere in California.

This blog is dedicated to love. A very special kind of love. A love that is so rare and beautiful that most of society reviles it, makes fun of it, and rarely understands it. It's called DS/BDSM.

Femdom and whispers and whips that sting, these are a few of my favorite things.

You won’t find much text here because I believe the images speak very well for themselves.

I do not own most of these pics and will remove them at the request of the copywriter or to credit them properly. I find this stuff on the web, just like the 77+ other blogs I follow and a large percentage of the blogs on Tumblr. I credit the creator whenever possible but sometimes these lovely creations are stored and forgotten until I find them again and post.

Do what thou wilt but harm no one. Unless they give their consent of course.

If it doesn’t hurt, it’s a miracle.

Goddess Lashina

Mistress Katja