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Just another 50+ male submissive.
Somewhere in California.

This blog is dedicated to love. A very special kind of love. A love that is so rare and beautiful that most of society reviles it, makes fun of it, and rarely understands it. It's called BDSM.

Femdom and whispers and whips that sting, these are a few of my favorite things.

You won’t find much text here because I believe the images speak very well for themselves.

I do not own most of these pics and will remove them at the request of the copywriter or to credit them properly.

Do what thou wilt but harm no one. Unless they give their consent of course.

The other blog: http://portraitsofdesire.tumblr.com/

On my way to North Bend Washington. See you in the trees…

Elle Magazine 2012

Elle Magazine 2012

Elle Magazine 2012

Elle Sweden Twin Peaks Shoot, 2013

Miss Isabelle Gloria

Miss Liliane Hunt

Madame Caren

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